We bleed PURPLE here at Warner!  I always wear my Branke Bunch and/or Warner clothing on Fridays.   We also have the most AMAZING families here at my school.  Thank you to the Willnus family for the adorable purple headpiece you made me!!

POSITION:  5th Grade Teacher
EXPERIENCE: 7 Years (ONE YEAR in 1st & 4th Grades & FIVE YEARS in 5th)
SCHOOL:  Michigan State University - GO SPARTANS!
HOBBIES:  *Blogging*, Dancing, Cooking, Technology, TpT, Shoes, Hanging With Friends & Family, and eating, sleeping, and breathing TEACHING!!!
  • HUBBY - Ryan - I married my high-school sweetheart in July 2010.  He is my best friend in the whole world and I love laughing my way through life with him!!!
  • PARENTS - I have the best parents in the entire world (biological AND in-laws)!  They taught me everything I know and I feel so fortunate to have such positive, inspiring, loving, and FUN people in my life!
  • SISTER - Jamie - My baby sister is currently a junior at the University of Michigan.  She is the kindest, most beautiful and FUN girl I know!  She is my very BEST FRIEND!  I love you, Jay!
  • BROTHER - Eric - My brother is someone I truly admire.  He is BEYOND smart and can write like it's nobody's business!  He currently lives in NYC and I miss him every day!!

Flowers sent to school from the hubby on Valentine's Day!    LOVE!! <3

Mrs. Briggs is having TWINS!!!  Congratulations, Mrs. Briggs!!!  Can't wait to meet your two precious little girls!!!

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