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WAHOO!!!  I finally finished my first SIXTH GRADE product!!! :-D  STUDENT DATA NOTEBOOKS!!!  In this product, every single 6th grade math CCSS is broken apart and written in student-friendly language.  Then, there is a spot where the students can track their progress from FIST TO FOUR:

Students use this rubric to assess themselves "FROM FIST TO FOUR WITH COMMON CORE" for every CCSS.  BUT NO WORRIES... I already broke down and rewrote all of the 6th grade math CCSSs in kid-friendly language.  Also, they are broken down so that each space for the students to track their progress is focused on a specific part of the standard.  (For example, instead of "Students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals," the standard is broken up into the four specific skills.)

Here is an example of the pages for the 6th Grade Ratios & Proportional Relationships unit data notebook pages:

As you can see, each CCSS unit has the following portions of the data notebook:

  • Common Core Standards pulled apart and written in kid-friendly language
  • EXAMPLES of each standard
  • Space for students to shade in their progress from FIST 2 FOUR
  • Pre- & Post- Assessment data tracking (data, score, level of mastery)
  • UNIT GROWTH algorithm and tracking
Here is a picture of one of my former student's completed data notebook pages (from 5th grade):

You can put these Data Notebook pages in a duo-tang folder like you see above, in a binder, or in a filing cabinet.  I like to make these for my students one unit at a time.  I have them keep all of their assessments, notes, and materials, in this folder for the whole common core unit.  Then, I keep their folder at the end of the unit, and give the folders back after I do their report cards for that trimester.  That way I have EVERYTHING I need to give the students the most accurate and useful grades and comments on their report card.

These Data Notebooks ALSO include HOMEWORK TRACKING and MATH SKILLS (8 Mathematical Practices) TRACKING!!!

These are all beyond helpful when doing report cards and talking with parents.  The best part of all, though, is that students are able to report their own progress and growth at any given time!  

These Data Notebooks CHANGED MY LIFE as an educator!  Get yours today!!!

4TH GRADE           5TH GRADE           6TH GRADE

I hope that these work as well in your classroom as they have in mine!!!  Let me know if you have any questions!!

And for now...

~Keep Calm & Branke Bunch On~

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