Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Christmas in July Sale - WAHOO!!!

Close your eyes and think about the 2 BEST TIMES OF THE YEAR... Got 'em?!  My guess is that most of you said CHRISTMAS and SUMMER TIME!  Am I right?!  Well guess what's better than each of those times individually?!  


Thanks to BLOG HOPPIN', there is a HUGE TpT Christmas in July Sale going on from NOW until July 25th!!!  Tons of AMAZING sellers are discounting their products for this sale... I cannot wait to start my own shopping!!

GUESS WHAT!?  My TpT Store - ELYSE JAHNKE - is in on the deals as well, and I am starting off my sales with my 20% off my HUGE COMMON CORE MATH ASSESSMENT BUNDLES for 4th & 5th grades from NOW UNTIL FRIDAY!!!  

I put up my 5th grade assessment packs last summer, and they are my BEST SELLERS at my store!  So, I finally finished creating the 4th grade versions, and they are up at my store now... ON SALE... for 20% OFF!!!  

I recently blogged about my PRE- AND POST- ASSESSMENT PACKS on my blog post titled To Pre-Assess or NOT to Pre-Assess.  Those assessments are my big CCSS unit "TESTS".  

My P.O.M. (Proof Of Mastery) PACKS are more like quick "QUIZZES" or "EXIT SLIPS" for each and every math Common Core standard.  

In short--P.O.M. stands for Proof Of Mastery.  In long... well... here I go:

How do I use these, you ask?!  I use them as check-ins/quizzes/exit slips for each of the CCSSs.  Once I teach a standard, and I feel my students (or a group of students) have mastered the standard, they can take the P.O.M.--IF they feel ready.  If they do not feel ready the day the P.O.M. is given, they can use that time to study or work with me on the standard.  They then take the P.O.M. the next day--or when they are ready.  (Students always want to take their P.O.M.!  I never had any student put off all their P.O.M.s!!  No worries!)

Then, as the students finish their P.O.M.s, they turn it in to their math workshop group folder.  (This makes it easier for me to log their scores and pass back their P.O.M.s.)

Now, I am the WORST when it comes to grading papers.  I HATE IT!  Yes, I said it--I am a teacher, and I HATE grading papers.  When I have a stack of papers to grade, they usually STAY IN A STACK until report card time comes around OR I decide to not grade them at all.  (GUILTY!)  However, I feel that these P.O.M.s are super important and provide me with a great deal of useful information--i.e. who is ready to move on, who needs reteaching, what misconceptions do my kids have, how did I do with teaching this standard, what are some good tips that the kids had that I can use with my struggling students, etc.  SO I CAME UP WITH A SYSTEM!  As the students are turning in their P.O.M.s, I am grading them!  YES--in the classroom, as the students are turning them in, that day!  This way, I can give my students IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK and call students up to CLARIFY THEIR THINKING!  I then, THAT DAY, pull groups of students who need RETEACHING!  THAT DAY!!!  Because these assessments are SO QUICK -- each one is only ONE PAGE -- I am able to grade them RIGHT THEN AND THERE!  

Next, I can then record their grades in my STANDARDS BASED GRADE BOOK.

And the kids record their scores in their data notebook.  They also keep their assessments in the assessment pocket of their Data Notebook Folder.

That's just another quick look into my Math Workshop!  I'd love to hear more ways you teach CCSSs in your class, how these products have worked for you, or any questions you have for me in the comments below!!  Remember, various items will be on sale in my store throughout all of CHRISTMAS IN JULY!  HAPPY SHOPPING!!!


And as always... KEEP CALM & BRANKE BUNCH ON! :-)

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