Sunday, July 6, 2014

TpT Conference - VEGAS 2014

TpT Supercharge Seller Success Conference
July 11, 2014
Las Vegas

So, I realize it's July, but like many teachers, this is the time that I set my "NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS"!  The school year ended, we have a couple months until next school year starts, and I have all summer to get a head start on my teaching goals!  One of my major goals is to keep up with my blog!  That being said... here I go!  

The one major thing on my mind right now is the TpT Supercharge Seller Success Conference in Vegas this week!  I could not be more excited to be going and meeting all the TpT celebs and icons!!  If you are not on TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers), it is the most AMAZING website ever.  I honestly don't know how I ever taught without all the phenomenal assessments, lessons, documents, and ideas from the most creative and talented teachers in the world!  If you haven't ever checked out the site, check it out now:

Here is my TpT store:  

Now, I am SUPER DUPER excited to go to the TpT Conference!  I went onto Instagram #TpTVegas14, and I am amazed at all of the teachers who have posted.  They are so inspiring and give me so many ideas!  


One idea I totally took from following TpT teachers on Instagram was the idea of making business cards.  I just made these on Vistaprint.  (I designed them on PowerPoint, but bought them through Vistaprint!)  Check them out:
Here is a closer look:

Business Card (FRONT)

Business Card (BACK)


Another great idea I got from my fellow TpT teachers is using QR Codes -- an especially effective way to promote your blog, class website, or TpT store!  Here is the QR Code I made for my TpT store to use on my business card.  I found this AWESOME website - QR Code Generator - Visualead - that can actually take a picture that you upload and turn it into a QR Code!  HOW COOL IS THAT?!  You can actually hold your QR Code app on your phone up to this picture on your computer and it will take you right to my TpT Store on your phone!!!  Try it out! :-)
For my classroom wiki, I want to make a QR Code with my "Branke Bunch" logo.  Some ideas I have for using a QR Code for my CLASSROOM WIKI for next year:
  • Putting the QR Code on my Curriculum Night handouts (the cover!) for the parents, so they can check out the class Wiki right then and there!
  • Printing out the QR Code on labels and putting one in each of my students' planners.
  • Going on Shutterfly to get my QR Code printed on canvas and/or framed to put on my wall so when people come into my classroom, they can scan it to get to my class Wiki... all while serving as BEAUTIFUL and unique classroom decor!  How cool would it be to have this on your classroom wall:

I am so excited about all these new ideas that I have gained from the teachers at #TpTVegas14 already.  I can only imagine how energized, pumped, and filled with ideas I will have AFTER the conference on Friday!  I will keep you posted!!  


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