Tuesday, August 19, 2014

TEACHER WEEK: Where?! {My Classroom Digs}

WAHOO!  Today is day 2 of the Teacher Week Back-to-School Link Up with Blog Hoppin'!  The topic for today... WHERE WE TEACH!

Well, let me say... I'M OBSESSED WITH MY SCHOOL!  IT IS THE BEST!  We are the Vikings and I BLEED PURPLE!  We ALL do!  Here is our staff on PURPLE PALOOZA SPIRIT DAY in our commons area, which we call the "VIKING SHIP":

I've done a few blog posts with pics of my room, so if you are interested in what some parts of my room are used for, you may want to check out these posts:  CLASSROOM DECOR & SETUP

Well here is my cozy little room.  

First I'll show you an overview of my classroom from different views:

Here is MY teacher area:

(Really, my classroom library surrounds my whole room... so here are pics of the various areas in my room with books... I honestly have books exploding out of every area.  I'm working on organizing it... any tips welcome!)

(PICTURED:  Biography & Historical Fiction Section, Leveled Libraries, Genre Libraries, New Books, Picture Books, etc.)

Leveled Library (Chapter Books)

Genre Library (Chapter Books)
I have so many more book areas in my room that I still need to take pics of... but they are a hot mess right now!


(Drawers for Each Table)

 (Community & Table Supplies)


(Cozy Bean Bags & Reading Areas)

(Student Birthdays)

(Welcome Banner & Student Names Posted Outside the Room)

(School-Wide PBIS Expectations)

(Class Code of Cooperation)

(Branke Bunch VALUES Plaque)

(Student Jerseys)

(Student Jersey & Goal Pennants)

(VIP of the Week Chart)

(Twitter Wall)

(PBIS Ticket Folder)


(Learning Goal Wall)

(Homework Hotspot)
I got this amazing idea from Kristine Nannini over at Young Teacher Love!  THANK YOU!

 (Daily CAFE Menu)

 (Math Workshop Areas)
Math Workshop Rotation Bulletin Board

8 Mathematical Practices Wall

Problem Solving Chart

 (SCIENCE - Environments Unit Area)

 (Student Work Space)

We have the PARTY room!  
(Colleague's Baby Shower in Our Room)

Well anyhow... I think that is enough about my room!  :-)  Hope you enjoyed the grand tour.  Can't wait to look at everyone else's rooms!!!!!

Make sure to check them out, too, over at Blog Hoppin'!

~Keep Calm & Branke Bunch On~


  1. Elyse your room looks AMAZING. I'm so sad that you guys are at the meet-up without me that I'm stalking your blog and checking out your pics!! Beautiful!!!!

    Wild About Fifth

  2. Heyyy Melissa! OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS WEATHER!? There were only a few of us who actually made it out to the meet up. It was super fun meeting with them, but we only stayed for like 45 minutes because we wanted to get home and out of the storm!!! I was bummed I couldn't meet you :-( but I'm sure we will meet soon!! Hope you are feeling better. Oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH about my classroom. I have seen SO MANY adorable classrooms from the Blog Hoppin' link party today. WOW! I want to hire them to be my interior decorator!!! HAHA! I'm going to go stalk your blog now, too. Yours is SO amazing. I'm just a rookie who started blogging this summer. My goal is to be like you one day!!! :-*